outsourcing data entry services
outsourcing data entry services

OCR Conversion Services India

Do you want to convert PDF files, books, scanned documents, etc. into a text format that is searchable and editable? You need the support of OCR technology and we provide this service. We regularly work on several projects that require us to provide OCR conversion and this is one of our most in-demand services.

Why outsource OCR conversion services to Outsourcing Data Entry Services

We have well trained professional data conversion experts who are experienced to handle complicated and huge volume of work. We maintain fast turn around and make use of the proven techniques and latest software. So, you will get the support of

OCR Conversion at Outsourcing Data Entry Services

PDF OCR Conversion Services

Our PDF OCR service is almost 100% accurate. We make use of proven techniques and best of tools to generate highly accurate OCR conversion. We are able to convert PDF files into PDF text by retaining the format 100% including the tables, graphs and equations.

Document/ Tiff/ Image OCR

Our document or image OCR services are affordable and effective as we offer compatibility with various formats of images like jpg, tiff, etc. Even if the quality of the images is not good, we are able to provide quality results. We assure that original format of the document will be retained same and it can be edited afterwards.

Forms OCR

We provide OCR conversion services for both printed and handwritten forms. We assure excellent accuracy.

Book OCR

We have loads of experience for converting Book OCR. When we conduct Book OCR services, we make sure that the elements can be maintained just like the original with charts, headings, equations, tables, headers, footers, etc. further modification or editing is possible because we preserve OCR book format manually.

Newspaper OCR

We have access to customized OCR software with which we conduct newspaper OCR services. If the client wants, we can also provide manual OCR. In addition to that, we can also provide batch data cleansing by using varied combination.

There are some common problems that many people face after OCR conversion services. We can assure that you will not face any such problem when you outsource your OCR conversion requirements to us.

Here are some of the problems and how Outsourcing Data Entry Services can handle them:

Image quality is poor- We make use of batch enhancement process to cope with it. The batch enhancement process includes image brightness and exposure and noise removal, handling cracked or broken characters, etc.

Retention of format- With our OCR conversion, you can get exactly the original format. So, it will retain text boxes, bullets, etc. just like the original format.

Numerous languages- We can handle documents of diverse languages. For any language OCR conversion job, you can get almost 100% accuracy.

Loss of data- This is a big issue. Our expert team can identify the place where loss of data has taken place while doing the OCR. Therefore, with proper audit controls and QC checks, we prevent data loss. Contact Us or Email: info@outsourcingdataentryservices.com to know more about our ocr conversion services.