outsourcing data entry services
outsourcing data entry services

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services are significant among giant corporate to small scale companies under the current scenario. The client companies require the data formats for usage in content management systems. This is why, we, at Outsourcing Data Entry Services in response to the needs of the companies offer premium data conversion services at a reasonable cost. We convert a wide range of reports, periodicals, financial statements, catalogs and journals into a systematically organized set of specified format. In addition to converting data, we also serve to search, store and retrieve the computerized version of any physical document within the scheduled date.

We are supported by an extensive team of workers who are gifted and practiced in data conversion jobs. We at Outsourcing Data Entry Services recruit only staffs who are experienced and can deliver assignments within the specified timeline without compromising with the quality or accuracy of the job. We have been offering Web solutions to our clients for a long time with a very reliable reputation in the market. We maintain a competitive edge with our rivals with our premium and appropriate services. Besides, the rates charged for the services are extremely affordable with the projects delivered right on time without fail.

Outsourcing data entry services caters the below data conversion services:

OCR conversion Services: OCR or Optional Character Conversion is a process by which editable files are created from any paper document. We at Outsourcing Data Entry Services specialize in OCR conversion services for all required forms like conversions to MS-Word, MS-Access, MS-Excel, PDF Searchable, CSV and HTML formats. This enables our clients to make the changes necessary besides running a complete text search.

XML Conversion Services: We offer files of any format to be converted to XML format. XML languages are flexible and are used in the internal operation of companies. Thus, companies usually prefer data existing in formats like PDF, Word doc., etc. to be transformed into XML for the convenience of the company’s internal systems. The process required for the change is extensive and should be done carefully by trained staffs to avoid getting the entire file corrupt. Our employees are all experience holders and are adept in the process.

Microfiche Data conversion: Client companies usually complain that their microfiche collections suffer due to neglecting. Since, as a medium of storage, microfiche format lacks the budgetary appeal of the digital projects, organizations tend to convert the entire microfiche archives into digital forms for safer preservation. We here, move your files to a computerized form by taking necessary measures of dada destruction recovery policy. Our conversion process is safe and done with care to deliver projects on time.

Document Conversion: We offer conversion services of all sorts of documents of any format into the desired formats. Projects at Outsourcing Data Entry Services are proof checked and edited by editors who are primarily appointed to proof read the assignments and look for mistakes present and correct them. Every project, big or small undergoes this process to ensure that the assignments released are foolproof and meet the requirements of the clients. We believe in satisfying our clients to establish a long and strong bond with them. Contact Us or Email: info@outsourcingdataentryservices.com to know more about our online outsourcing data conversion services.