outsourcing data entry services
outsourcing data entry services

Offline Data Entry Services

Offline data entry is a procedure by which raw data is entered into the computer in a certain order in accordance to the conditions and specifications provided. Data entry services are sought in cases where a need of changing data from its physical form to the digital form occurs. We at Outsourcing Data Entry Services offer quality offshore data entry services to the long list of clients that we are serving for years. By offering premium services, the Outsourcing Data Entry Services transform bulk volume of old data from their physical form to digital forms. For instance, we offer offline data entry services for morphing data stacked in old documents, books, records, ledgers, etc. into soft copies by introducing them in the system.

Our offline data entry services can be divided into following major categories such as:

Excel data entry services: Under our offline data entry services, a large array of subsidiary services exist. To begin with Excel data entry services are offered where the data entry operator enters the data from an excel sheet to the required software format. We also offer Mortgage data entry services which are mostly sought by banking organizations and lenders who need to maintain a virtual record of the debtors and creditors. Deeds data entry service is another of our vital-most offerings in which the expert executives of Outsourcing Data Entry Services type in the data related to various deeds to convert them in their soft forms for easy preservation. The handwritten data entry services are another speciality of our company that transforms data written in papers in handwriting into computerized forms as demanded by the clients.

Handwritten data entry services require specially trained employees that can comprehend hand ranging from neat to clumsy and even in calligraphic forms. Our employees, at Outsourcing Data Entry Services are extensively trained to make out handwrittting of all sorts easily and fast, without making potential mistakes during entry making. Usually, workers tend to enter wrong data in the computer when they are not sure about a writing. But, these data entry staffs are sharp and talented to easily inflitrate through the complex nexus of writing to get to the bottom without the assistance of the seniors, that speeds up the entire process.

Aside, offline data entry services also encompass corporate tasks like payroll data entry services. The client companies usually require to maintain a definite record of the employee payroll for preserving core info of the company. Our data entry services company staffs work carefully to enter each digit alertly and recheck the entire form after every entry to assure perfection. Books data entry services are offered to those who request to transform data of books’ into digital form to create PDFs, word documents, etc. In this case, the recruits are provided with books wherefrom they type the data into the system to create a soft copy of the data. Marriage records data entry services are mostly requested by marriage registry offices and counselors that need to keep a concrete file mentioning the marriage dates, venues, names of couples, etc. for legal purposes. Offline Data Entry Services in India. Get Offline data entry services, outsourcing offline data entry team have capability to complete any size of offline data entry projects.

Other equally important services sold at Outsourcing Data Entry Services are accident reports, hospital records, catalog, property records, vouchers, Yellow pages, Magazines, Patient records, Restaurant menu, Tax deeds, etc. All the offerings are sold at reasonable prices and within a very short time. Contact Us or Email: info@outsourcingdataentryservices.com to know more about our offline data entry services.