outsourcing data entry services
outsourcing data entry services

Hand Written Data Entry Services

Data entry can be of various kinds, offline, online and handwritten. Needless to say, the third one is the most cumbersome, and working on it alone is likely to cause quite a lot of problems. Not only is this proves highly time consuming, it is also extremely difficult to maintain, not to mention the fact that are likely to be a lot of mistakes in the data and the calculations. Even if the process of writing it all down is taken care of, storing the data is highly difficult, not to mention haphazard. All the paper will take up a lot of space on the desk, and runs a high risk of getting lost or misplaced, thus causing immense confusion and disruptions. This is where the help of a professional like the Outsourcing Data Entry Services come into play.

Working with us, you can rest assured that all your data will be stacked in the most orderly fashion, and that none of the information will be lost by the time they have been handed back to you. The process is conducted by a team of experts in the field who take care of the entire business right from collecting the data in an orderly fashion to delivering the completed file.

Outsourcing Data Entry Services is unique in the approach; the information is processed and then checked and rechecked multiple times. You can get back to us at any time in the process: we are a highly flexible bunch of people always open to suggestion and constructive criticism. If there are any changes that have to be incorporated into the system, all you have to do is drop a notification to us. Similarly, you are most welcome to get back to us once the job has been completed; we will gladly take the responsibility if there has been the rare occurrence of any inadvertent deviation from your specifications.

We at Outsourcing Data Entry Services accept any number and form of handwritten data, which is then scanned and compiled in the following formats: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .pdf, & .tiff. The choice of the client regarding the format the data will be processed into stands supreme; if there is any miscalculation or misunderstanding, our team is more than happy to look into the matter. In the case of any confusion, you can always turn to us for suggestion.

Verification of the data that is provided to us by the client is taken most seriously at Outsourcing Data Entry Services. Aside from software used for the calculation, we also undertake manual verification, and the final copy is delivered only after hours of scrutinising the documents.  We accept and digitise any kind of handwritten documents, such as:

Aside from the above-mentioned types of documents, we accept practically every kind of handwritten documents under the sun.

There is no dearth of organizations that come up with such claims but ultimately they fail to provide you with desired results. It is actually an undisputed fact that reputation of your organization, performing hand written data entry services, depends mainly on accuracy and perfection. Mistakes not only take huge effort to correct but also affect reputation of your company against the competitors. Our personalized service understands seriousness of the responsibility that you will provide us with. You may choose to opt for our services quite at an affordable rate. Please feel free to Contact Us or Email: info@outsourcingdataentryservices.com as at your convenience and we will be more than happy to help you out with quality service.